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A video conference allows you to connect to another location in “real time”. Through the cameras, 

monitors, and microphones that are part of the equipment, you can see, hear, and interact with the remote location.

They can see, hear, and interact with you. 


Katy ISD has access to


video explanation




Getting started with a video conference session is the same as getting started on any other lesson plan

you are creating.

  • Determine what curriculum objectives you plan to address
  • Decide if you would like to: 
    • Schedule a virtual field trip (these often require a fee) 
    • Participate in a collaborative project 
    • Host a collaborative partnership
  • Choose the tool you prefer for this lesson:  Adobe Connect or Video Conference Cart 
  • If you need help planning, please contact a Technology Integration Specialist


Either Adobe Connect or Video Conference Cart
Adobe Connect  Video Conference Cart 


Look for virtual field trips

Organized Collaborative Projects


Pre training - email articles:  http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/vidconf/ideas.html 


  1. as people are walking in - Tandberg Video
  2. chunk - what is it  - briefly share experiences, connect to Skype, use definition above
  3. video intro - Poetry Festival, Adobe Everglades video, ASK (0:18-0:59 and 6:19-9:25),
  4. show video of first Adobe Connect meeting
  5. Add get everyone in the room - greeting & poll
  6. chunk - intro tools - go to weblinks - Knowledge Base & VC spreadsheet 
  7. chew - go to 5 breakouts - chat & create - 3 column notes - What I know/Questions/Ideas
  8. chunk - lesson design - review rubric - Susan has - F2F - whole group
  9. move to physical remote rooms 
  10. chunk - jigsaw -  this https://admin.adobe.acrobat.com/_a227210/virtclassbp/ - F2F or this http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/vidconf/instruct.html
  11. chew - going to the movies on chart paper- display should show how quality lesson design and article chunk relate to video conferencing - this is shared via adobe connect
  12. chunk - see lesson examples above -  chat prompts, polls, brainstorming tool
  13. regroup in computer lab
  14. chew - choose objective & develop lesson outline/plan of action - google form - shared with our group - optional use of plan http://www.netc.org/digitalbridges/resources/sessionform.php or VC Collaborative Project booklet
  15. wrap up - how do you get help, where do you go from here, how do you get started, what do you want developed for you.
  16. Q&A 


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