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Math Marvels

Page history last edited by Linda McDonald 9 years, 11 months ago


3rd & 4th Grades 

  • Nov. 22 or 23 registration is closed for these sessions


we had a great time participating in Math Marvels!

We had fun while using higher level thinking skills…can’t get much better than that J from RKE


Current Schedule 




  • Review high level problems focusing on Math Power SE's
  • Increase student discussion and collaboration
  • Develop problem solving ability



  • 5 min. welcome
  • Problem of the Day
  • problem shared to both partners simultaneously
  • 3-5 min. on MUTE to work in local small groups to solve problem
  • 3-5 min. sharing solutions with partner
  • Repeat with additional problems as time allows
  • 3-5 min. closing - math joke



Your students are already prepared for this lesson through the problem solving your are including in your classroom instruction.

1.       Please make a reservation for your video conference cart.  Usually through your campus librarian

2.       I will assume that the session will take place in your classroom.  Let me know if you prefer another location.

3.       On the day of your event, please set up your equipment at least 15 min. before we are scheduled to begin:

a.       Plug in the network cable (temporarily unplug a working phone or computer)

b.      Plug in electricity

c.       Turn on your projector.

4.       Students need to be ready to work in small groups of 3-5 students.  All students will need pencil/paper.

5.       You may consider looking for/creating a problem solving rubric to use as an assessment.  You can try http://rubistar.4teachers.org/



I will take care of the dialing.  Our Technology Integration team will be onsite at one campus to teach the lesson to both campuses.


See example problems posed in past challenges.


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