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Landmark Challenge

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for 2nd grade Social Studies


Please click here to register

In the notes section, please list 3 landmarks your classroom would be interested in researching.

One of the landmarks will be assigned to you  with your confirmation

Registration Deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 24


Landmarks included:

Capitol Building

Golden Gate Bridge

Grand Canyon

Niagara Falls

Statue of Liberty

Washington Monument

White House



Date Time Campus Campus Facilitator Dialing 
Wed., Dec. 2 10:00-11:30 SE        Kim Gillingwater Lee Hall Cassandra Murphy from SE Lee Hall dials in to Katy ISD
Wed., Dec. 2 1:33-3:10 OKE      Jean Hernandez WCE Mealissa Hoppe from OKE OKE dials WCE
Friday, Dec. 4 1:55-3:10 WCE Candace Clark Killeen ISD Alice Pomeroy from WCE Katy ISD dials Kileen at

Conference Agenda

  • Introductions
  • First set of 3 clues
  • One question per team
  • Second set of clues
  • One question per team
  • Guesses
  • Solutions




Curriculum Objectives

Social Studies

1 3 2 Identify and explain the significance of various national landmarks including our nation's capital and the Statue of Liberty 5 US Symbols   SS:2.1B
8 2 9 Explain how these symbols reflects America's love of freedom - US Symbols   SS:2.14B, SS:2.17B, SS:2.17C, SS:2.17E


8 1 4 PROBLEM-SOLVING: Use problem-solving and decision-making skills when working independently and with others - Social Studies Skills   SS:2.19, SS:2.19A, SS:2.19B
8 2 10 ORGANIZE AND USE INFORMATION: locate information from different sources; sequence information; categorize information; identify main idea; compare and contrast information - Social Studies Skills   SS:2.17, SS:2.17A, SS:2.17B, SS:2.17C, SS:2.17E
8 3 3 COMMUNICATION: express ideas orally and through written and visual materials - Social Studies Skills   LA:2.2A, SS:2.18, SS:2.18A, SS:2.18B

Language Arts

5 4 12 Ask relevant questions, seek clarification and locate facts and details about texts that support answers with evidence from the text 1 Comprehension Strategy   ELA:ELPS.2D, ELA:ELPS.3F, ELA:ELPS.4K, LA:2.3B, SLA/ESL:2.14, SLA/ESL:2.3B

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