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I Have_Who Has Math

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Grades 3-8

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By request

30-45 min. sessions 

Game Description

  • Click here for  a basic overview of the game concept.
  • Game cards will be customized for your targeted curriculum objectives listed below.
  • Game play will "pingpong" between you and your partners class - one class asking the question, the partner class having the response.
  • Game cards should be shuffled and issued to groups of 3-5 students.  this will support sustained engagement in the game and foster collaborative discussion about targeted objectives.


Teacher Preparation

  • Print card set. 
  • Students should have a basic introduction to concepts


Game Guidelines

  • Facilitator will begin the game and direct as needed.
  • Teachers should act as facilitators for small groups.  Ask leading questions, provide examples as needed.
  • Allow students to determine & defend responses within and between small groups
  • Play will end when all cards have been revealed or time runs out


Curriculum Connections

this "game" works best with objectives that fit in these categories

  • Place Value (can including decimals, fractions, negative integers)
  • Rounding 
  • Basic Operations


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