Holiday Storytelling Extravaganza


Dec. 15 - 17 





Please make sure to maximize the window and scroll to the right to see all sessions offered 



Listeners....please MUTE your microphone unless it is your turn to share with the reader

If your video conference cart will be moved for this event...there are 3 easy steps to set up:

1.  Plug in network cable.  Best bet is to unplug a working phone or computer so you get a "hot" jack.

2.  Plug in electricity.

3.  Turn on projector

I am asking all readers and listeners to “place a call” to get to the correct session.



Click here for instructional activities that accompany the story sessions


Teacher Notes

The recommendation from Bonnie Holland’s office is participating teachers notify parents in advance of this holiday opportunity.   Click here for a parent letter. See your campus principal about how they prefer for you to send this message.  Please revise the parent letter to include the details specific to your class.

Katy ISD schools may use themes such as Ramadan, Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa as a part of cultural celebrations … in the study of … literature… so long as the District’s approach is secular and academic, not devotional.  As we share literate with students in December, please be mindful of the different religious beliefs represented in our schools. Katy ISD hopes to create an environment where all children feel valued and included.   As a companion to this video conference project, please provide an intentional balance of additional literature selections in your classroom from which students can choose.   

Click here for notes for Readers